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A Harvard Grad Talks About Pursuing a Master’s in Education

By - Jul 27, 09:15 AM   Comments [0]

College admissions tips from a Harvard graduate [Show summary] Julie Kim shares her journey from growing up as an immigrant daughter to obtaining a Master’s of Education from Harvard to now operating her own college consulting company. She shares her tips for getting into Harvard despite...

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Applying to the Stanford Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program: Everything You Need to Know [2021 – 2022]

By - Jul 22, 09:15 AM   Comments [0]

Everything you need to know about the Stanford Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program Overview: What is the KHS Program? Who is eligible to apply? Unique application deadlines and procedures KHS Acceptance Rate Application elements: Resume Recommendation letters Institutional letter of endorsement Short answer questions Essay question Video statement What is the Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program? The Stanford Knight–Hennessy Scholars Program is a...

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How to Eliminate Test Anxiety

By - Jul 20, 09:15 AM   Comments [0]

Ace any standardized admissions test, with top-tier academic coaching and effective tools to manage anxiety [Show summary] Bara Sapir has been providing test prep for over 20 years and is a pioneer in mindful test taking, implementing a holistic approach to the test prep process. She...

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5 Things to Know Before Applying to Caltech

By - Jul 11, 09:22 AM   Comments [0]

US News ranked Caltech #10 this year, a place it’s held pretty consistently over the last few years.   In the last decade, after moving up and down in the top ten, Caltech has settled on the outer fringe of this bracket, despite its high overlap...

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Masters vs. PhD: Graduate Degree Options

By - Jul 1, 02:55 AM   Comments [0]

Following the completion of your bachelor’s degree, you may be considering further education in your field to pursue your academic passions. Or, perhaps you are at professional crossroads, and feel that pursuing a graduate degree may enable your pivot into a new industry, or enhance...

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3 Keys to Networking for Graduate School

By - Jun 30, 02:48 AM   Comments [0]

Elite graduate school admissions is competitive, and applicants have to work hard to juggle the many different elements that go into making a competitive admissions profile. Things like great grades, excellent GRE scores, and a polished resume oftentimes can only get you in the door...

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How to Respond to a Rejection

By - Jun 15, 09:15 AM   Comments [0]

How to Respond to a Rejection [Show summary] Admissions guru Linda Abraham highlights four reasons that could cause a rejection and offers concrete, practical suggestions for moving forward.  How to Respond to a Rejection [Show notes] Some of you are unfortunately facing a fistful of dings at the...

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Test-Taking Advice for People with Learning Disabilities or Test Anxiety

By - May 27, 09:15 AM   Comments [0]

Nobody likes taking tests, right? Well, perhaps a few of you out there get psyched at the chance of showing how well you have boned up for your exams. But most people facing a timed test can’t wait to get it out of the way....

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How Should I Choose Which Essay Questions to Answer When I Have Choices?

By - May 16, 09:20 AM   Comments [0]

You’re sitting down to face your application, and you are glad to see that you can choose which essay questions to answer. You’re not stuck answering a particular set of questions.  It’s good to know you have options. After all, you are determined to answer the...

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5 Tips for Writing About Extracurricular Activities You Started at the Last Minute

By - May 13, 09:15 AM   Comments [0]

You are this close to finishing your application, but in the section that asks you about your extracurricular activities, you freeze up. I don’t really have any extracurricular activities, you think. What should I do now? How will I be able to stand out from...

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