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Quite simply, we help applicants become more awesome. That includes gaining admission to top undergraduate and graduate programs worldwide, but also, after working with us, you end up better at communicating, better at strategic thinking, and in some cases, you end up better looking. Sometimes we amaze even ourselves.

As you know by now, competitive test scores and top ranks no longer secure admission. Applications need to crackle with near-proof that you're destined for success. Easy in concept, hard as hell in execution. Initially, we are ace diagnosticians. We assess your profile and figure out exactly what to highlight and how.

Over time, through targeted feedback on written work as well as ongoing high-level strategy sessions, we help candidates bring out their best, coolest, and most impressive selves through resonant applications they can submit with confidence.


Having consulted on well over 35,000 applications, Admissionado believes that masterful mentorship requires much more than a degree from a premier school.

For us, it is a rare combination of two things: knowledge of the admissions landscape plus the talent to mentor and inspire clients. The first one is relatively easy to find. Top business and grad schools and colleges graduate thousands of qualified, pedigreed candidates each year. Every consultant who applies to work as a mentor on our team is qualified. But that's not nearly enough to be an Admissionado-grade mentor. It’s the second piece of the puzzle which is much more difficult to find: raw consulting talent.


This is where the real difference lies, folks. The hard-to-define spark that – hard as it may be to hear – a person either has or doesn’t have, that makes their potential as a consultant go from average to exceptional. What is this talent exactly? Several things at once. It’s the ability to ask the smartest questions to help candidates explore unexplored aspects of their profiles. It’s the ability to understand what candidates are trying to express, and providing the sharpest paths to help them express it best. It’s the ability to do more than simply receive input and generate intelligent responses.

The Admissionado Advantage is the ability to inspire and inflame and challenge you guys to stretch, to think smarter, and to sharpen the way you communicate your amazingness so that it reads plainly to someone else. That's what we do best. We don’t settle for anything short of exceptional. Neither should you.


The hallmark of our service can be summed up easily: relaxed-fit badassery. Oh and personal attention. It’s no surprise that this forms the backbone of our success. Understanding clients as individuals helps us create applications that showcase that individuality, which helps candidates pull away from the competition. Our service is intimate because intimate is effective.

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