How to Fix Your Personal Statement

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Congratulations! You’ve written the first draft of your personal statement. You’ve managed to distill your life, aspirations, and strengths down to a few hundred words, which is no easy thing! But here’s the bad news: you’re just getting started! But, as Ernest Hemingway famously said,...

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Should You Go to Graduate School? Ten Factors to Consider.

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Graduate school can be deeply fulfilling, put you on a path to a career you love, and allow you to study things that you’re passionate about under the mentorship of people who are genuine experts. But it’s also an intense all-encompassing experience and can be...

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What to Do If You’re Rejected from Grad School

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Rejection hurts, especially if it’s from a school that you really had hoped to attend. Competition is always tough at good schools, and space is limited. Not everyone who is qualified can get in. You can still achieve your dreams by taking this threefold approach: (1)...

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Writing Your PA School Personal Statement with Impact [Including a Bonus PA Personal Statement Example]

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Becoming a physician assistant (PA) has become a hot career goal, and it’s getting hotter all the time. Over the past several years, applications have more than tripled at some of the most competitive programs, and acceptance rates have dipped to as low as about...

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How to Avoid the Dreaded “Frankenstein Essay”

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Within 20 seconds of reading a draft personal statement, I can tell whether the author has a clear sense of what they want to say or whether they’ve spent far too much time asking for advice, deep-diving into forums, or otherwise overthinking it. These “Frankenstein...

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Is My Personal Statement Too Long?

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When it comes to personal statements, less is often more. Though most schools and programs have set word limits, many do not. This uncapped essay creates a temptation to over-write. This is a trap! Keep your essay short and to the point. If your essay...

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GRE Question of the Day (January 27th)

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Verbal Since the 1970s, archaeological sites in China's Yangtze River region have yielded evidence of sophisticated rice-farming societies that predate signs of rice cultivation elsewhere in East Asia by a thousand years. Before this evidence was discovered, it had generally been assumed that rice farming began...

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How to Choose Between Two Great Programs?

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When I checked my email this morning, I remembered why this is my favorite time of year! Two of my favorite clients got into their dream schools, and my back-and-forth emails with a client who just found out that he got into Stanford brought a...

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GRE Question of the Day (January 26th)

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Math \({ABCDEF}\) is a regular hexagon inscribed in circle O \({\overline{AD} }\) is a diameter of circle O   Quantity A Quantity B The length of radius \({\overline{OD}}\) The length of arc \({\widehat{FE}}\)   A)The quantity in Column A is greater. B)The quantity in Column B is greater. C)The two quantities are equal. D)The relationship cannot be...

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Use the “Hemingway Rules” to Write a Powerful Personal Statement

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Writing a powerful personal statement can be a genuine challenge for inexperienced writers. They often pile on unnecessary complexity, use fancier-than-needed words, and try too hard to *dazzle* their reader. Don’t do that. The best writing is simple, clear, and direct. It will also feel...

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