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A higher score flat out means a better grad school. With Kaplan’s robust suite of resources, and score assessments to attack your weak points, trust us to help you get the score you need—and into the school you want—or your money back.

All Kaplan GRE prep courses include:

Official Test Day Experience
Only Kaplan lets you take a simulated practice GRE at the actual testing facility under the same conditions as the real exam. It’s the best way to see how you would really perform on Test Day.

Higher Score Guarantee
No risk prep. If you don’t hit your target score or aren’t feeling test-ready, you have the option to retake our course or get your money back. With our higher score guarantee*, you have complete peace of mind.

Seven full-length computer practice tests, 180-plus hours of instruction from expert teachers, and over 5,000 practice items.

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Did you know that Kaplan...

  • Offers a "Test Day Experience" - take a practice test in the REAL GRE test center?
  • Offers with an average course 5,000+ practice questions, including Quiz Bank to create custom quizzes?
  • Has a higher score guarantee or your money back?

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Kaplan GMAT PrepGRE Prep Club helps you prepare and review online for the test through our Kaplan GRE promotion. If you're interested in pursuing a graduate business course, it's important that you ace the GRE, the criteria that business schools use for admission.

Kaplan has a proven track record of more successful students who advanced
to graduate business studies compared to other GRE prep courses. Here at GRE Prep Club, we offer you personalized learning through our different Kaplan courses which specifically cater to busy individuals, students opting for classroom instruction, or those who simply need a refresher course.

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