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14AB is parallel to CD.Carcass3314311 Feb 2020, 14:07
26y = x^2 - 16x + 64GreenlightTestPrep258302 Jul 2019, 06:56
27The area of the shaded regionCarcass2732901 Sep 2019, 02:10
28Which is greater 54/75 or 4/7Carcass229018 Sep 2019, 02:53
42Re: Positive integer and Sumsaud22410 Sep 2022, 23:36

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24The area of the shaded regionCarcass3732901 Sep 2019, 02:10
27AB is parallel to CD.Carcass3314311 Feb 2020, 14:07
35Point C is the midpoint of ABCarcass3415018 Sep 2020, 11:23
37Positive integer and SumLester32410 Sep 2022, 20:47