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Gurufi editors work with clients to produce highly effective admissions essays that strengthen their applications, reflect their personalities, and position them to achieve their educational goals. Our editors are all experienced admissions consultants who have themselves earned admission into top humanities, science, and social science programs. Every year, Gurufi clients get into top graduate schools, including Yale, Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, Cal-Berkeley, and Princeton, to name but a few!


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How It Works

Gurufi connects you with experienced editors who can help improve your admissions writing. How does the site work? You will choose an editor, upload your essay and any relevant instructions, select the date you want your essay returned to you, pay for the service, and then receive a revised version of your essay on or before the return date you selected.


Write A Draft

The Gurufi service is intended for clients who have an initial draft of their essay and would like it to be professionally revised. If you do not yet have a draft, our partners at can help you. FourthWrite offers comprehensive services, including pre-draft Consultations designed to help you select the right essay topics, organize your thoughts, and position yourself as a strong candidate. FourthWrite also offers packages for people applying to multiple schools or who otherwise have lots of essays to revise.


Choose an Editor

If you have a draft that’s ready to revise, visit the Choose an Editor page to select from among the various editors. Different editors have different backgrounds and areas of expertise, and each Editor Page includes a complete breakdown of that editor’s fees, based on the number of words in your document and the date by which you want it returned. There are two pricing tiers:

  • 1 Day orders that will be returned within 24 hours of submission
  • 2+ Day orders for which you will select the date you want the essay returned

Once you have selected an editor, you can either Request Editing or Send a Message. You do not need to message an editor to check their availability before requesting editing; the Gurufi site uses an automated calendar, so you will only be able to select dates on which your editor has availability.


Place an Order

  • Select the Date: This indicates the date that you want your essay returned to you.
  • Instructions/Additional Information: Include all the information that your editor will need to know as they revise your essay. Most importantly, be sure to include all word / character limits and the essay prompt.
  • Upload Your Text: Upload a .docx or .txt file of your writing, or copy-paste the text of your essay directly into the field provided on the page. The Gurufi system uses an automated word counter to determine length and pricing, so be mindful that any instructions or prompts in the uploaded document will be counted; write out instructions and prompts in the “Instructions/Additional Information” text box to avoid being charged for those words.


Correspond with Your Editor

Once you have placed your order, feel free to correspond directly with your editor using the ‘Conversations’ messaging platform. Your editor will also contact you once they have received your order.


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