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Re: a > 1 and b > 5 [#permalink]
amorphous wrote:
Let us expand both quantities.
Starting with qty A

\((5b)^a\) can be re-written as \(5^a * b^a\)

qty B is equal to

Let us divide both sides by \(b^a\); remember that \(b\) is positive so when be is raised to any power the result will be +ve.

qty A will equal
while qty B will equal

Since \(b > 5\) ; \(b^a\) will always be greater than \(5^a\) since a is also a +ve no greater than 1

How do we divide by B^a? What I did was took the "a'th root" of each and said that because b>5, b^2 has to be bigger than b*5.
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Re: a > 1 and b > 5 [#permalink]
Cancel b powers from both quantities, then u will end up with
Quantity A = 5b
Quantity B = b^2

Given b>5
so sub b=6
Quantity A will be 30
Quantity B will be 36

So, Option B is correct
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Re: a > 1 and b > 5 [#permalink]
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