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Because the livelihood of many citizens is linked to the man [#permalink]
tapas3016 wrote:
GeminiHeat wrote:
+1 Kudos to posts containing answer explanation of all questions

1. The passage provides support for which of the following assertions? (We need to infer)

A. Timber harvesting and ranching are the main activities that are responsible for the decline of national parks. - Too extreme
B. The federal government has been selling national park land to state governments in order to raise money for wildlife conservation. - Out of scope.
C. The actions of state governments have often failed to promote the interests of national park wildlife. - POE used and can be inferred.
D. Local politicians want the federal government to turn control of national parks over to state governments. - Too extreme
E. States have the authority to control the harmful activities being carried out inside national parks. - Opposite. "States, themselves, lack jurisdiction within national parks" This sentence says otherwise.

To add to why C is correct: is is actually stated "Even if these deficiencies can be overcome, state participation must be consistent with existing federal legislation." This suggests that states are not aligned with federal at the moment.

To add to what else rules D out: this passage is not expressing an opinion on what should be done, it is presenting an opinion of the current state of affairs. D is offering a position of the local politicians, which isn't presented.
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Re: Because the livelihood of many citizens is linked to the man [#permalink]
Is this a medium passage ? Was easy!
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