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Re: Just starting out my GRE prep. NEED HELP [#permalink]
Hi ArjanSingh22,

I am sorry to hear about your GMAT journey. For the GRE test, the first and foremost thing you need to do is to take the diagnostic test. This will expose your weak areas and then you can you should use resources based on your weak areas.

For FREE step by step GRE mentoring, please let us know and we guarantee score improvement for you.
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Re: Just starting out my GRE prep. NEED HELP [#permalink]
IMO, two tests are not comparable. One is question adaptive, and the other is section adaptive. In GMAT the first ten questions count more, and GRE counts the number of correct answers in each section and by building up different levels of difficulty for the test taker.

GRE quantitative section score cannot be securely converted into GMAT quantitative section score by ETS score converter for schools. Neither the verbal section scores can be accurately converted. Surprisingly, however, GMAT and GRE overall scores match each other when converter is used for translating both section scores.

Also, in my opinion, GRE quantitative section is more arduous and difficult than GMAT quant to score in the higher percentile ranking until one has reached mid 80 percentiles in both exam quantitative sections. Then it's just a matter of practice.

I have taken two official tests for GMAT and GRE within last three years, and both times I had prepared less for GMAT but scored inadequately higher in GMAT quant section like 44 vs. 159 and 157 GRE. Again, I have prepared less time for GMAT and did not aim to ace that exam. Although, I was intending to score at least 160 in GRE quant section recently, my score was only 157.

My recent GRE test diagnostics (three quantitative sections) was like 15/20 the first scored section and 10/20 the second section :( I could not answer any single question of 5-level difficulty correctly in my the second scored quantitative section. Therefore, I am practicing with only hard and very hard level questions from Magoosh now.

If you want to switch from GMAT to GRE in hopes of avoiding difficult questions of GMAT quant sections in GRE and score higher, this will not help you achieve high GRE score. As I said, my several mistakes like 7/10 mistakes in the second quantitative section were 5-level difficulty questions. Also, there are some tricky select multiple answer (choice) questions at 4-level difficulty, which are counted as correct, if one selects all correct choices only for that type of question.

Please, do your best for GRE test preparation, but do not hope for easy win of this test battle.

p.s. I am retaking GRE on September 12

ifteec wrote:
Hi, arjansingh22

GMAT is a harder test than GRE in every way. As you have got the foundation of quant from GMAT prep, you can attempt problems from Manhattan prep 5lb at the beginning and do official ones later on. For verbal, go through GRE big book RC, ets books for SE TC, and magoosh 1000 words. I bought a test prep, and I have been looking for sb to share it with a reasonable sum. If you are interested, DM me, please.

Good luck with your GRE prep!
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