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June 22, 2023

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So I had decided to take the GRE after not being able to cross the 680 mark. I was obviously quite confused as to how to approach learning for entirely different exam. But I was glad I used TTP because it introduces you to the different kind of GRE questions very quickly. So I never really felt i needed to go through various articles to figure out the format of the test as such. The quant is very comprehensive and its essentially designed for someone really willing to put the time in. I have a degree in chemical engineering but there were a lot of things that TTP taught me especially in math. TTP i felt designed its math not only to help you answer it correctly but also improve your time management because at the end of the day you are under time constraints. The verbal section is also quite good it introduces you to a few concepts although i do feel that if they added a few more tests within the course it would easily be on par with the Quant section. Jeff and Scott were also really helpful guiding me from my mediocre GMAT score to adopting a GRE mindset. Jeff (bless his soul) also gave me valuable advice a few days before my exam which really helped build my confidence. So i feel that they dont sell fluff but more a skill. Ultimately i am extremely grateful for this course as it makes me a significantly more competitive candidate

October 21, 2023

680 mark?

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