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October 23, 2023

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TTP helped me raise my GRE score by 9 points to a 330 after I had taken the GRE 5 times previously. I wish I had started with TTP's platform on my first GRE attempt 3 years ago.

For context: I gradated from college in 2020 and started studying on and off for the GRE. After self-studying and getting a middle-of-the-road quant score (mid 60th percentile), I tried 2 different private tutors. My quant scores still hovered in the high 150s / low 160s. My dream score was to break 162.

After ~10 weeks studying for the GRE, my quant score jumped to a 165 (verbal was 165 as well).

How did that happen?

1. Change in platform: TTP has the most comprehensive review of all GRE content, in my opinion. With tutors or self-study books, you might reach 60% of the content that appears. But TTP is exacting ... it's a lot more work, but I'm pretty confident I practiced 90% of what actually showed up on the GRE.

2. Change in perspective: Previously, I was studying on the weekends, after work, etc. I changed my perspective by making the GRE my #1 priority for about a month. I woke up early, took time off work, stopped seeing friends, and stopped working out. It wasn't fun at the time, but it was a short-term sacrifice I was willing to make.

I hope this review helps you along your testing journey!

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