The Importance of Strong Writing in STEM Ph.D. Applications

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At Gurufi, we help hundreds of applicants every year get into top Masters and PhD programs. If you’re applying to a STEM program, we have editor-consultants with the experience and skill to transform your personal statement or statement of purpose into a powerful piece of...

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Think Like a Screenwriter to Supercharge Your Personal Statement

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“What means most to you and why?” Stanford GSB’s first prompt provides a great way to think about my Rule #1 for Writing a Great Personal Statement: write more like it’s a movie than an essay. Far too many applicants begin their essay with the rote...

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Don’t Use OpenAI to Write Your Personal Statement

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Colleges and universities are freaking out because students are beginning to use ChatGPT to do their academic work. A recent poll of Stanford students found that 10% used it to create homework that they turned in without additional alteration. Now, many people are turning to...

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Can I Get An Academic Job With a Ph.D.? (Horror Stories!)

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“Academia is a killing field…” On my first day of graduate school, a fellow Ph.D. student who was a few years ahead of me provided this sobering bit of advice. Though I would eventually get a job at Harvard before deciding to do other things,...

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Three Tips for a Great CV

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A CV (or curriculum vitae) or resume is a written statement of your educational and professional accomplishments. It's an important facet of your job hunt that may make you stand out from the competition. (1) Customize your CV for the position you're going for: Do your...

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Is My Personal Statement Too Long?

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When it comes to personal statements, less is often more. Though most schools and programs have set word limits, many do not. This uncapped essay creates a temptation to over-write. This is a trap! Keep your essay short and to the point. If your essay...

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Five Tips for Great Letters of Recommendation

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Letters of recommendation are hugely important parts of your application. Having a third party assess your skill, talent, experience, accomplishments, potential, and maturity provides admissions committees with valuable data. Unfortunately, because this is an “outsources” part of the application, many applicants aren’t sufficiently thoughtful about...

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Show Passion In Your Personal Statement!

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People like happy people. People respond passionately to passionate people. That’s why you need to make sure that your Personal Statement has some fire in its belly! It can be helpful to show passion in your MBA personal statement, as it can demonstrate to the...

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GRE Question of the Day (November 17th)

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Math The probability that event A occurs and event B does not occur is greater than \({\frac{{1}}{{4}}}\). The probability that event B occurs and event A does not occur is greater than \({\frac{{1}}{{4}}}\). The probability that neither of the events A and B occurs is greater...

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How to Give Your Personal Statement Style *AND* Substance!

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In sales, there’s an old saying that, “it’s the sizzle, not the steak.” When it comes to your Personal Statement, there’s some truth to this, but the fact is that you need to make sure that your personal statement has BOTH genuine substantive and a compelling story....

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