How Strict Are Word Limits?

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Many people believe that word limits are pretty flexible, and that if you go a little over, you're fine. In this video I explain why I think that's wrong, BUT more importantly, I explain why that idea is built on the incorrect assumption that "more...

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You CAN’T Cover Everything…

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When you start your Personal Statement, it can feel like you need to cram your entire life into a thousand words. You have so many things you've done, there are so many things you hope to do, and there's so much about yourself that you...

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GRE Question of the Day (July 29th)

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Verbal By about age eight, children's phonetic capacities are fully developed but still ________ ; thus children at that age can learn to speak a new language with a native speaker's accent.❑ plastic❑ vestigial❑ inarticulate❑ unformed❑ nascent❑ malleable   Correct Answer - A, F - (click and drag...

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GRE Question of the Day (July 28th)

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Math Each of 100 balls has an integer value from 1 to 8, inclusive, painted on the surface. The number \({Nx}\) of balls representing integer x is defined by the formula \({Nx = 18 –(x – 4)^2}\).What is the interquartile range of the 100 integers?(A) 1.5(B)...

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How *NOT* to begin your essay!

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Applicants are often told that they need to begin their personal statements with a bang. Tell an over-the-top story, open with an emotional tear-jerker, or start things off with some clever turns of phrases that will make the reader remember you. This is horrible advice. In...

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GRE Question of the Day (July 27th)

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Verbal The recent change to all-volunteer armed forces in the United States will eventually produce a gradual increase in the proportion of women in the armed forces and in the variety of women's assignments, but probably not the dramatic gains for women that might have been expected. This...

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GRE Question of the Day (July 26th)

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Math \({\frac{{l}}{{m+n}}=\frac{{m}}{{n+l}}=\frac{{n}}{{l+m}}=k}\), where k is a real number Quantity A Quantity B k \({\frac{{1}}{{3}}}\) A) Quantity A is greater.B) Quantity B is greater.C) The two quantities are equal.D) The relationship cannot be determined from the information given.   Correct Answer - A - (click and drag your mouse to see the answer) Question Discussion...

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The Most Overlooked Part of Graduate School Admissions Could Sink Your Application!

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The single most frequent (and biggest) mistake that I see graduate school applicants make is not contacting potential advisors. In fact, I know from personal experience that when you don't do this, it can harm your application. You see, when I first applied to graduate...

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GRE Question of the Day (July 25th)

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Verbal Although the film is rightly judged imperfect by most of today's critics, the films being created today are __________ it, since its release in 1940 provoked sufficient critical discussion to enhance the intellectual respectability of cinema considerably.❑ beholden to❑ indebted to❑ derivative of❑ based on❑...

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Last Day to Take Advantage of the Price Rollback!

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From July 15-22, we are rolling back our prices all the way back to the days of 2018! You can save up to several hundred dollars on ALL services, from hourly plans to comprehensive packages. No promotion code is needed — just add the services...

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