Should I Even Go to Grad School?

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You shouldn’t go to graduate school! (Wait, what?) When I was a professor at Harvard University, this is the advice that I always gave students who came to me asking about grad school. It’s not that I didn’t think any of them should go, but rather...

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GRE Question of the Day (July 6th)

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Math   x and y are positive integers such that \({x^25^y = 10,125}\) Quantity A Quantity B \({x^2}\) \({5^y}\) A) Quantity A is greater.B) Quantity B is greater.C) The two quantities are equal.D) The relationship cannot be determined from the information given.       Correct Answer - D - (click and drag your mouse to...

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Getting Into Graduate School

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Over the years, our consultants at Gurufi have helped hundreds of applicants earn admission into the graduate schools of their dreams. Whether you're pursuing a STEM Ph.D. or a Master's in the Humanities, there are important tips, tricks, and insights that most people don't know....

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GRE Question of the Day (July 5th)

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Verbal Stories are a haunted genre; hardly (i) ___________ kind of story, the ghost story is almost the paradigm of the form, and (ii) __________ was undoubtedly one effect that Poe had in mind when he wrote about how stories work. Blank (i) Blank (ii) (A) a debased (D) pessimism (B)...

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GRE Question of the Day (July 4th)

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Math   One side of a parking stall is defined by a straight stripe that consists of n painted sections of equal length with an unpainted section 1/2 as long between each pair of consecutive painted sections. The total length of the stripe from the beginning of...

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GRE Question of the Day (July 1st)

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Verbal The slower-learning monkeys searched ___________ but unintelligently: although they worked closely together, they checked only the most obvious hiding places.❑ competitively❑ impulsively❑ cooperatively❑ deviously❑ craftily❑ harmoniously   Correct Answer - C, F - (click and drag your mouse to see the answer) Question Discussion & Explanation

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GRE Question of the Day (June 30th)

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Math Al, Bob, Cal, and Don each own 1 hat. If the 4 hats are randomly distributed so that each man receives exactly 1 hat, what is the probability that no one receives his own hat?A) 1/8B) 1/4C) 1/3D) 3/8E) 1/2     Correct Answer - D - (click...

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GRE Question of the Day (June 29th)

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Verbal Most spacecraft are still at little risk of collision with space debris during their operational lifetimes, but given the numbers of new satellites launched each year, the orbital environment in the future is likely to be less (i) __________ Blank (i) (A) crowded (B) invulnerable (C) protected (D) polluted (E) benign     Correct...

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GRE Question of the Day (June 28th)

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Math A cylindrical tank of radius R and height H must be redesigned to hold approximately twice as much liquid. Which of the following changes would be farthest from the new design requirements?A. A 100% increase in R and a 50% decrease in HB. A 30%...

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GRE Question of the Day (June 24th)

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Math   The random variable X has a normal distribution with a mean of 70. Quantity A Quantity B The probability that \({− 30 ≤ X ≤ 150}\) The probability that \({− 60 ≤ X ≤ 120}\) A)The quantity in Column A is greater.B)The quantity in Column B is greater.C)The two quantities...

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